While riding comfortably and safely in our new luxurious vehicle, you can rely on our experienced, professional driver who is always at your service for the specific period you requested. Travel carefree to specified destinations in Croatia and abroad.

    Attend many events and be at ease – the driver is always at your disposal.
Along with our quality transportation, hire a driver:


  • our professional driver, with many years of experience and active knowledge of the English language, as well as a business code of conduct, guarantees the highest level of professional service including punctuality, courtesy and helpfulness  
  • in addition to the transportation service, our driver waits for you, leads, helps, and takes care of your needs while you are at a meeting or conference…
  • has a good knowledge of regulations and roadways in Croatia and Europe
  • professionally responds to your requests, from waiting in hotels to transportation to desired destinations, meetings, locations, transportation to and from accommodation…
  • with our driver, you will not only arrive exactly at your destination, but you will also be relaxed and certainly pick up an abundance of necessary information, and know that, during your tour or sightseeing, your driver is waiting and ready to start a new trip, wherever you desire