If you want to be independent from public transportation and personally secure a top quality transportation car for special occasions, business, private or other protocol needs, our transportation is the right solution.

An xy brand vehicle is used for the transportation service and easily accommodates up to xy passengers and their luggage.  The vehicle is luxuriously equipped and insured in accordance with the Road Traffic Act. Transportation is fully tailored to your needs, such as departure and arrival time, breaks along the way, and we are available 24 hours.

VIP transportation service offers:

  • high quality personal transportation to your destination
  • custom trips that are relaxed and without delays
  • no inconvenience caused by traffic rules and regulations, road conditions, environment...
  • transportation without wasting time on waiting at bus stations or train stations, airports, hotels...
  • without wasting time looking for a place to park
  • we provide transportation services across Croatia and other countries in the region
  • we transport tourists to excursions and sightseeing
  • we arrange a transportation service for several days
  • reasonable prices

Our offer:

Mercedes S-class

Mercedes E-class

Mercedes V-class


Mini bus